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What's Happening?

  • Child Care Advisory Committee -- The top priority for UCSC's Senate Committee on Faculty Welfare and the Campus Welfare Committee this last year has been to consider ways for the campus to improve meeting child care needs. A campus-wide Child Care Advisory Committee has been established as a sub-committee of the Committee on Faculty Welfare. The committee presented a resolution urging the campus to provide additional child care for faculty and staff (there are more than one hundred faculty/staff families on the wait list for child care). The campus has plans for a new child care center to serve 100 children and fund-raising strategies are currently underway.
    Child Care Advisory Committee (CCAC)

  • Faculty Relocation Program -- UCSC's innovative Faculty Relocation Program serves job candidates and new faculty members through assisting their families in relocating to the Santa Cruz Area. This program provides personalized assistance identifying and addressing a family's relocation needs. It provides customized information, referrals, and resources about the nuts-and-bolts of a move, on-and off-campus housing, childcare, eldercare, local schools, recreational activities, volunteer opportunities, and additional ways to connect to the community. In addition, ongoing support making connections to appropriate professionals, services and programs is available.
    Faculty Relocation Assistance Program

  • Dual Career Service -- Provides assistance and support during the employment searches of the spouse or partner of candidates and appointees. Allows UCSC to effectively address a significant recruitment and retention issue -- the career needs of spouses and partners of faculty members.
    Dual Career Service

  • Northern California's Bay Area Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) -- Established to increase the campus' visibility as an employer and create a successful inter-institution collaboration including the development of a faculty recruitment web site. This is also an effective resource for dual career couples. The new Southern California HERC is modeled after the Northern California HERC.
    Northern California HERC

  • New Faculty Welcome -- Day-long annual event for incoming ladder-rank faculty. Provides a mix of campus history, student demographics, teaching and research resources, important time to network and opportunity to foster community. The day concludes with a dinner event for new faculty and their families, providing an important time for socializing across divisional borders and an opportunity for the campus to demonstrate awareness of the importance of family.
    Academic Human Resources Faculty Workshops

  • Provost Workshops -- Scheduled during the year (5 sessions) for new faculty and all Assistant Professors. These are intended to acclimate new faculty into the campus culture and its supportive resources, and to provide opportunity for exploring ways to balance work life and family.
    Academic Human Resources Faculty Workshops

  • Faculty Review Process and Leave Policy Workshops -- Scheduled during the year (4 sessions) for assistant professors. These provide information about the review process. Discussion of the university leave policies emphasizes its family-friendly provisions. Similar sessions are scheduled twice a year for department chairs, again emphasizing the family friendly provisions of leave policies.
    The Academic Personnel Review Process Workshop

  • Work Life Balance Guide -- An on-line resource guide for faculty and staff at UCSC to assist them in their efforts to balance work and family life.
    Work Life Guide

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>Revisions to UC Family Friendly Policies are Issued (PDF)
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> UC Families Interactive Website is Launched
>9 Presidents of Major Universities Release Joint Statement (DOC) on Gender Equity in Higher Education
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> Chronicle of Higher Education holds online colloquy with Mary Ann Mason, How Babies Alter Careers for Academics
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