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What's Happening?

  • Campus Policy Revisions Underway 

    1. Family Accommodations Policy -- UCSD has developed a stand-alone policy called the "Family Accommodations Policy" that clarifies the use of family-related policies for academic appointees, including pregnancy and parental leaves, active service-modified duties, and the relationship of policy use to academic review. Some of the major changes include:
      • The elimination of the UC requirement that faculty must have completed 12 months service to be eligible for paid childbearing leave.
      • A revision to the language that modification of duties will include partial or full relief from teaching during Active Service Modified Duties (ASMD). Also revised language to allow childbearing faculty to take a combined total of two quarters ASMD and childbearing leave.
      • Revised language to allow for automatic extension of Probationary Period when childbearing leave or parental leave is reported. Revised language to state that extension will not be granted after beginning of the sixth year of appointment.
      • Developed a new section in the Family Accommodation policy allowing all academic appointees, at any level, to defer an academic review (up to two times) as a family accommodation.
      Family Accommodations Policy under Review

  • Family Accommodations Reporting Form -- To facilitate the use of family accommodation policies, UCSD has also developed a new form for reporting family accommodation activities.
    Family Accommodations Form

  • Central Funding to Departments -- UCSD implemented a funding program to help eliminate burden of faculty utilizing benefits. SVCAA now provides $6,000 per quarter to departments engaged in undergraduate education for each ladder-rank faculty relieved of teaching responsibility during a childbearing or period of ASMD.
    Memo re. Central Funding

  • Training -- UCSD provides training regarding family accommodation policies and benefits to department academic personnel contacts, department chairs, and at New Faculty orientations.
    Family Accommodations Overview (PDF)

  • Partner Opportunities Program -- UCSD has developed a program to assist faculty with relocation issues, including spousal/partner employment.
    Partner Opportunities Program

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