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What's Happening?

  • Work/Life Balance Initiative, Spring 2003  -- This new campus initiative followed President Atkinson's February 2003 memorandum (PDF) addressing gender inequity. Elements include providing one quarter for childbearing leave plus an additional quarter of Active Service/Modified Duties. It also includes central funding for teaching replacements provided to departments for childbearing leave and for ASMD for all faculty.

  • Highlights of Communications around Family Friendly Policies and Initiatives  --
    1. Road map of family-friendly APM policies on the Campus Academic Personnel web site
    2. Links to UC Family Friendly Policies on the Academic Personnel web site
    3. UCR Work/Life Balance Initiative presented to Department Chairs at Spring 2003 Department Chair Forum (DOC)
    4. Quarterly Family and Medical Leave (FML) campus training for staff processing FML for staff and academic appointments
      FML Packet

  • Future Projects  -- UCR is formalizing its Work/Life Balance Initiative into local policy. We will be communicating this local policy to all faculty (including via the web) and will be holding campus workshops for faculty on Family Friendly Benefits.

Link to UCR Work/Life Web Site

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>Revisions to UC Family Friendly Policies are Issued (PDF)
>UC Faculty Family Friendly Edge Report (PDF)
> UC Families Interactive Website is Launched
>9 Presidents of Major Universities Release Joint Statement (DOC) on Gender Equity in Higher Education
See Press Release (DOC)
> Academe Do Babies Matter II article by Mason & Goulden
PDF with figures
> Annals Marriage and Baby Blues article by Mason & Goulden
> Chronicle of Higher Education reports on UC Family Friendly Edge Project
> Chronicle of Higher Education holds online colloquy with Mary Ann Mason, How Babies Alter Careers for Academics
> UC Faculty Work and Family Survey Presentation (PPT)
> Academe Do Babies Matter article by Mason & Goulden
PDF with figures
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